Will the Pandemic Provide the Push for Positive Change?

Gloved hand holding a vial marked "COVID-19" with virus image in the background

In his latest column in Chain Drug Review, National Pharmaceutical Council President and CEO Dan Leonard considers the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on our health care system, as well as whether we’ll see continued innovation in how we access, administer and pay for health care post-pandemic.

In his commentary, Mr. Leonard points to constructive adaptations being made within the health sector to reduce the burdens on patient and improve care, like the expanded use of telehealth to help bridge gaps in access and waiving co-pays for care related to COVID-19.

He also outlines opportunities to help address social determinants of health in vulnerable populations and ease the cost burdens faced by patients, including those who rely on high-deductible health plans for coverage.

Mr. Leonard suggests that applying the lessons learned from pandemic-driven changes to access and coverage could yield better health for Americans, writing, “The pandemic has thrown the condition of our social and safety nets into high relief, exposing their rips and tears. But good can result from it as well, if we leverage the opportunity for positive change going forward.”  

Read about his recommendations on Chain Drug Review’s website.