Submit a Research Proposal

The National Pharmaceutical Council (NPC) is a policy research organization dedicated to the advancement of good evidence and science, and fostering an environment supporting innovation in the United States. The organization’s focus is upon research development, information dissemination, education and promotion of the critical issues of evidence, innovation and the value of medicines for patients.

NPC’s overall research is focused on the intersection between the policy issues and the standards and methods for evidence generation, interpretation and application. Done correctly, comparative effectiveness research (CER) can improve patient outcomes while sustaining and enhancing medical innovation.

NPC's current research aims to:

  • Demonstrate how an appropriate range of therapies is needed to achieve better health outcomes for both the individual patient and populations. Examples of research topics may focus on shaping the debate on personalized medicine and companion diagnostics or the optimal consideration of individual patient treatment response as research is prioritized, conducted, disseminated and applied.
  • Define the optimal role and value of medications in the current and evolving payment and delivery models. This research may seek to demonstrate the role and value of medications in achieving optimal health outcomes, assess the impact of payment and delivery models on the use of medications,  or define and demonstrate the broad value of medications via clinical, humanistic and economic outcomes.
  • Identify the optimal role of real-world evidence. Topics include efforts to define and support best practices in evidence generation, evaluation, synthesis and translation to aid decision-making, as well as the considerations for communicating real-world evidence by different stakeholders.

NPC will consider proposals for new research that contribute to a better understanding of the areas described above. Additional concepts as they relate to our mission also would be welcome.

Submissions will be evaluated based upon a combination of factors, including: the potential impact of the research; availability of data and content; project duration; probability of technical success; cost; and to what extent the research is important to key audiences. Submissions should be sent to Sue Grimes, Executive Assistant, at NPC, and should conform to the proposal template. Proposals should be no more than five pages with the possibility to expand and revise after initial review.

Please note that while budget and timeframe are project specific, shorter-term projects between $50,000-150,000 with timeframes  less than 12 months will be given higher priority in review, although higher-cost and longer-term projects will be considered. NPC research projects have an indirect cost cap of 25%. Pass-through costs (e.g., data acquisition costs, roundtable participant honorarium, travel) are not subject to the indirect cost cap. 

To access past and ongoing NPC-funded research, please visit our Research Library.